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Biomed Company Resolves Multiple Discrimination Claims Without Litigation

Our client, an international biomedical company, faced claims of reverse race discrimination, gender discrimination, disability discrimination and retaliation from a current employee.  CDF strategized with the client on investigating and resolving the claims, all while the complaining party remained employed.  Following the conclusion of the investigation, we negotiated the employee’s resignation...
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Disability Related Discrimination Claim Rejected by Court in Summary Judgment

Our client, a national corporation in the transportation industry, was sued by a nearly 20-year employee for wrongful termination and failure to promote based on a disability, and for failure to accommodate a disability.  The plaintiff's employment was terminated for on the job misconduct.  The plaintiff attributed the misconduct to his...
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Age Discrimination and Retaliation Claims End at Summary Judgment

The female manager of a large multinational corporation claimed that she had been retaliated against for reporting alleged meal and rest break violations and discriminated against on the basis of her age. CDF defended the corporation, convincing the court of insufficient evidence of discrimination and/or retaliation and granted our client summary...
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Race Discrimination Jury Trial Ends in Defense Verdict, Upheld on Appeal

After a two-week jury trial, CDF obtained a complete defense verdict in a race discrimination trial for a large logistics company.  The plaintiff claimed that he was denied a promotion and terminated because of his race and in retaliation for complaining of discrimination.  The appellate court upheld the verdict in all...
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Five Concurrent Class Actions Throughout CA Resolved for Telecom National Retailer

Our client, a national retailer in the telecommunications industry, faced five separately filed putative class actions by five separate sets of plaintiffs' counsel in five separate counties - Los Angeles, Alameda, Riverside, San Diego, and Monterey.  The cases alleged a variety of overlapping wage and hour violations, including meal and rest...
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Large National Bank Squashes Age Discrimination Claim with Jury Verdict

A large national bank went to trial to defend itself against age discrimination claims. Prior to the trial, CDF had already reduced our client’s exposure by persuading the judge to dismiss the plaintiff's supervisor, whom was named as an individual defendant, and to dismiss the plaintiff's retaliation and race discrimination claims...
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Class Certification Denied in Misclassification and Meal Break Claims

Plaintiffs sought class certification on both a misclassification theory for a putative subclass of salaried managers and for off-the-clock and meal and rest break claims for a putative subclass of hourly managers.  CDF attorneys were successful in convincing the court that class certification was not appropriate for either putative subclass.
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Federal Contractor Defeats Gender, Race and Sexual Orientation Discrimination Claims

A CDF client, a federal contractor, was challenged by claims of gender, race and sexual orientation discrimination, harassment and retaliation.  Before trial, CDF persuaded the plaintiff to dismiss one of the individual defendants, and to dismiss the sexual orientation claims. At trial, following the plaintiffs’ evidence presentation, the court granted our...
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Appellate Win Reduces Class Action Threat to Fast Food Restaurant Chain

In a class action threat to our client, a Fortune 1000 fast-food restaurant chain, we obtained dismissal of the plaintiff’s appeal to a trial court motion granting us a motion to compel arbitration of individual claims and stay the putative class action.  CDF established that the class action waiver was enforceable because...
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CDF Successfully Advises Restaurant Chain on Severance of Manager

When a Northern California restaurant chain discovered that a district manager flouted company policy, the owners were faced with negotiating an amicable separation of one of the company’s longest-term employees, while protecting its ongoing business needs and reputation.  CDF successfully drafted a severance agreement that tied payment to continued performance, permitting...
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Hospital Wins Voluntary Dismissal of Wrongful Termination Complaint

In a claim of wrongful termination in violation of public policy and age discrimination brought by a psychiatric nurse against a San Diego hospital, CDF filed a motion for summary judgment. We argued that the nurse in question was terminated instead to promote the public policy of safety for patients in...
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Cost Recovery and Attorneys’ Fees Cap Summary Judgment Win in Harassment and Discrimination Lawsuit

When our client, a Fortune 500 provider of internet and cable services, terminated the employment of a software engineer for job abandonment, the former employee immediately filed a multi-claim civil action alleging racial harassment, disability discrimination, negligent supervision, wrongful termination and breach of contract.  While questioning him during deposition, which was...
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Persistence Results in Summary Dismissal of Discrimination Claims

In a case that originally intertwined class action wage and hour violations with a long-term former employee’s individual causes of action, CDF quickly achieved dismissal of the class action claims, reduced the original six individual claims to three, and ultimately achieved summary dismissal of the remaining discrimination, retaliation and wrongful termination...
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Novel Theory Minimizes Class Claims Against CA Federal Contractor Employer

In responding to an appellate decision that permitted, for the first time, wage claims against federal contractors in California to be pursued in state court, CDF successfully limited the claims by raising the unique argument that work performed on federal land was not subject to application of California wage and hour...
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Consumer Products Company Needed H-1B Visa for Post Doctoral Chemist

A large international consumer products company needed a particular individual in H-1B status to assist with their California R & D operation.  The H-1B cap was quickly closing but we prioritized the case, worked throughout the weekend, and kept the employee’s work authorized in the U.S.
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