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Foreign Investor Granted Permanent Residence

A renowned business consultant and author wanted permanent residence in the U.S. He engaged CDF to prepare an extensive petition for U.S. CIS showing that he met the strict legal test for Employment based 1st Preference due to his extraordinary abilities in the field of business consulting.  The petition was approved...
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Large Manufacturer Transfers Overseas Executive to U.S. Subsidiary

A company CEO had as a top priority preparing an L-1A petition to allow an overseas executive to be transferred to the U.S., which we were able to successfully get approved within a few weeks.
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H-1B Visa Approved for Software Developer

A large software developer with operations worldwide requested that we quickly prepare an H-1B visa petition for a key software developer.   We assisted the client with preparation of the petition for U.S. CIS and the public access file required by U.S. DOL, and also assisted the foreign national with preparation for...
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Hospital Sponsors ICU Nurse for Permanent Residency

Our client, a very large hospital and trauma center, wanted to sponsor a Canadian nurse for permanent residency.  She was critical to the smooth operation of their ICU Unit.  We prepared an I-140 Immigrant Petition for U.S. CIS which was approved. CDF also filed an extension of her TN status pursuant...
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PERM Labor Certification for Chemist Approved by U.S. Department of Labor

Our client, a prominent international pharmaceutical company, had a key chemist that was in H-1B status.  It was important that he be able to work for the company beyond the six-year expiration of H-1B status.  We prepared and filed a labor certification proving that there was a shortage of U.S. workers...
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Favorable Federal Discovery Conference Results for Global Employer

CDF defended a global employer against discrimination and retaliation allegations by an employee. Amid several discovery disputes between the parties, which were eventually brought before a federal judge, we obtained documents previously withheld by opposing counsel pursuant to a court order.  The judge also allowed our client to produce certain documents...
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Textile Co. Succeeds in Motion to Compel Against Former Employee

CDF represented a textile company as a plaintiff in litigation against a former employee who created a competing business while in the employ of our client.  During discovery, we sought production of critical information and documents which were withheld by the employee and his new business, and following the Motion to...
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Led Recovery Action Against CFO Embezzler of $10 Million of Assets

Represented a San Marcos, California manufacturing company seeking to recover approximately $10 million of corporate assets that were embezzled by a former chief financial officer over the course of several years. Worked with the sheriff’s department and various financial firms to recover the missing funds.  The case resulted in the ultimate...
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Board Members’ Claim of Improper Removal Results in Bench Trial Victory

Represented two former board members who were improperly removed from a nonprofit religious organization’s board of directors during meetings conducted without notice or quorum.  Successfully defended against a demurrer and ongoing motion practice, and achieved a favorable result for the board members in a bench trial.
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