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Motion to Compel Arbitration Agreement Containing A Class Action Waiver Granted And Subsequent Appeal Dismissed

In April 2010, the Second District Court of Appeal dismissed the plaintiff's appeal of the trial court's ruling granting defendant's motion to compel arbitration of the individual claims and staying the putative class action.  CDF was successful in obtaining the dismissal in favor of a Fortune 1000 fast food restaurant chain.  As...
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Defense Verdict in Overtime Action Brought by Salaried Network Administrator

Todd Wulffson recently received a full defense verdict on behalf of a software developer client following a four-day bench trial in Los Angeles Superior Court.  The plaintiff, a network administrator who worked closely with the development team configuring and maintaining the server environment, claimed that he did not utilize the requisite...
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CDF Attorneys Convince DLSE to Dismiss $15,000 Meal and Rest Break Claim in Its Entirety

Jeremy Naftel and Shirin Forootan defended a national security company at a DLSE conference and convinced the DLSE to dismiss the $15,000 meal and rest break claim in its entirety without the need for an evidentiary hearing.  They were successful in establishing the existence of a valid on duty meal period...
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Age and Disability Discrimination Claims Dismissed on Summary Judgment

Female security guard alleged that she had been discriminated against and ultimately terminated from her employment with a large international security company based on her age and disability.  Summary judgment obtained on plaintiff’s claims by convincing the court that plaintiff had adduced insufficient evidence during discovery to advance her claims.  
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Summary Judgment Win in Disability Discrimination Lawsuit

When our client terminated an employee after she was on a medical leave of absence for over seven months, the former employer filed a lawsuit for disability discrimination, wrongful termination, breach of an implied employment contract, breach of implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, and negligent infliction of emotional...
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Major Business Transitions and Transactions Advice and Counsel

Provide ongoing counsel to clients during major transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, or sale of business. CDF drafts numerous merger and acquisition agreements and reviews agreements to ensure compliance with the WARN Act and employment law. Our representation also includes advising clients regarding warranties related to mergers, acquisitions, or sale of...
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CDF Obtains Motion for Summary Judgment Victory for Religious Organization

CDF represented a religious organization in litigation brought by a plaintiff who was injured on the sidewalk abutting the organization's property.  The plaintiff sued multiple entities for her injuries.  Following several rounds of discovery and multiple witness and expert depositions, CDF obtained a victory for its client when the court granted...
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Bartenders and Restaurant Mediate Solution to Discrimination and Harassment Claims

Two bartenders sued their former restaurant and its manager for alleged wrongful termination, sexual harassment, and gender discrimination.  After successive mediations with a talented mediator, the parties were able to come to a successful resolution of all claims at issue.
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Misrepresentation and Interference with Contract Claims, with Underlying Sexual Harassment Allegations, Managed at Summary Judgment

Represented employer of female advertising vendor of a large automobile sales company. Employer and vendor was sued by a sales manager for misrepresentation and interference with a contract stemming from the vendor’s concerns over allegedly inappropriate conduct on the part of a sales manager.  Judge granted summary judgment in favor of...
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Defended Newspaper’s Wrongful Termination Claim to Dismissal with Prejudice

A former employee of a newspaper sued the company for a variety of employment-related causes of action including failure to promote and wrongful termination based on claims of discrimination because of his gender, disability, and national origin.  Defended the newspaper before a federal judge who dismissed the former employee’s complaint, with...
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Bank Ends Wrongful Termination Claim, Upheld by CA Supreme Court

Wrongful termination and fraud claims were brought by a high level executive against our client, a bank.  After deposing the plaintiff, CDF brought a motion for summary judgment. The plaintiff’s opposition relied on an extremely lengthy declaration by the plaintiff and won complete summary judgment. CDF spotted a procedural flaw in...
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Leave of Absence Training for Employers

Conducted comprehensive training on leave of absence issues for the executive human resources team of a major California beverage distributor.  Provided ongoing support on leave issues and business friendly solutions regarding existing leave of absence concerns.
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Food Service Client’s Refusal to Settle Results in Voluntary Dismissal of Lawsuit

Our client, a leader in the foodservice industry, was sued by a former employee for disability discrimination and failure to accommodate.  As a result of a degenerative physical disability, the employee eventually was rendered permanently disabled from performing the essential functions of his position or of any other position the company...
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Fortune 1000 Co.‘s Victory in Business Breach Claims Upheld on Appeal

CDF represented a Fortune 1000 client and achieved dismissal of a plaintiff's numerous discrimination causes of action.  Remaining claims to be tried included breach of implied contract and implied covenant claims.  After reading the persuasive trial brief, the trial court declined to impanel a jury on the first day of trial...
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Retaliation Claims Thrown Out After Protracted Litigation

CDF’s client, a leading provider of document management services, was sued by a former highly paid sales representative for alleged whistle-blower retaliation.  In reality, the sales representative was fired for unethical conduct.  Settlement was not an option given the message that would send other employees who conducted business in accordance with...
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