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Construction Injury Disability Discrimination Suit Dismissed

A former employee of our client, a large construction company, alleged in a lawsuit that he was not properly accommodated and was improperly terminated after he suffered a workplace injury to his shoulder and back.  Following treatment, the employee had driving limitations and lifting restrictions and our client accommodated the employee...
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CDF Helps Construction Company Defeat Union Organizing Campaign

A regional, family owned, non-union construction company that has been in business since the 1950s contacted CDF because they had placed an advertisement for seasonal employment in the newspaper and were "salted" by union organizers employed by Operating Engineers Local 3.  In our representation, we provided advice and counsel to management,...
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Employee Discharged for Misconduct Claiming Defamation Defeated At Trial

Our client, a large financial services company, was sued by an 11-year employee who asserted various employment related and defamation claims after his employment relationship was terminated for misconduct. CDF moved for summary judgment on all claims, which the court granted except for the defamation claim.  When the employee and his...
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Overturn Adverse DLSE Decision, Affirm Employee Classification Practice

CDF represented a large hospital chain in a lawsuit brought by a network administrator in a pivotal lawsuit for the company. The employee claimed he was improperly classified as exempt and was entitled to substantial overtime compensation.  Our client’s risk was high as other network administrators had also been classified as...
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Retailer Defeats Same Sex Sexual Harassment Case with Jury Verdict

Our client, a private corporation with retail outlets throughout the world, was sued by a male security guard from one of their Hawaii stores, who alleged that he had been sexually harassed by the store manager, an openly gay male. CDF went to trial in the Federal District Court in Honolulu. ...
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Complete Acquittal for CEO and Co. in White Collar Govt. Contract Fraud Case

Obtained a complete acquittal on all 17 counts for a corporate defendant and its CEO in a white collar crime case alleging fraud by the company on its contracts with the government.  The allegations required analysis of costing data, as well as representations to the government.  The government’s key witnesses had...
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Multilingual Breach of Contract/Fraud Case Defeated at Trial

Obtained a defense trial verdict in a case alleging breach of contract and business torts involving claims in excess of $1 million in a distribution agreement between a U.S. company and a Chinese distributor. The trial was complicated by use of interpreters as well as cultural differences between the parties.  The...
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Complete Victory in Trial for CFO Against the SEC

The Securities and Exchange Commission charged the CFO of a software company with securities fraud in connection with the company's financial statements. Issues included revenue recognition and the role of the outside auditors. Obtained a complete victory against the SEC in a federal court trial.   All the other defendants charged in...
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Financial Institution Reduces Threat of “Bet the Company” Litigation in OC BK

Represented a financial institution in multiple litigation arising from Orange County’s bankruptcy filing.  The litigation included alleged fraud/negligence in bond issues by various municipalities, alleged securities fraud, government investigations, and other actions.  Successfully defended and guided the client through the complicated multi-litigation process and resolved all the matters at a fraction...
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Jury Trial Delivers Defense Victory for a Major National Bank

Successfully defended a major national bank in a federal court jury trial in a case involving a failed business deal worth several million dollars.  The bank was alleged to have engaged in fraud and other business torts as well as breach of contract.  After a month-long trial, the jury returned a...
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CDF Helps Small Design Firm Fend Off DFEH Complaint

A small automotive design firm asked CDF to assist it in responding to a DFEH complaint filed by one of its former employees.  In the complaint, the former employee alleged that he had not been reinstated to his position because of his disability caused by stress, and because he had taken...
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Grocery Chain Prevails At Summary Judgment in Disability Discrimination Claim

A large grocery chain retained CDF to represent it in a case brought by a former employee for disability discrimination.  The company had terminated the employee who had worked as a baker when it could not reasonably accommodate his disability.  We brought a summary judgment motion which the federal court granted...
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Manufacturer Wins Dismissal with Statute of Limitations Argument

The former employee of a midsize manufacturer sued the company and her former supervisor for gender discrimination, breach of implied and express contract, wrongful termination, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.  CDF was able to have the entire case thrown out almost immediately when plaintiff missed the statute of limitations deadline...
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National Railroad Leaves Wrongful Termination Claims at the Station

A national railroad retained CDF to represent it in a lawsuit filed by a former employee alleging multiple claims based on wrongful termination and failure to promote.  The plaintiff alleged the company based multiple employment decisions involving the plaintiff on the plaintiff's disability, age, and national origin as well as in...
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Restaurant Turns Around Class Wage and Hour Class Action Lawsuit Threat

A small restaurant with three locations was sued by four former employees seeking to represent a class of servers alleging meal and rest break violations, unpaid overtime, off-the-clock work, and tip pool violations.  CDF ultimately convinced plaintiffs that they would be unable to have a class certified and settled with the...
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