CDF Successfully Defends Grill Manufacturer in Overtime Case

CDF obtains a victory in a recent and significant failure to pay overtime and misclassification case. The firm protected a prominent grill manufacturer from exposure to potential lawsuits with a skillful and vehement defense against legal action brought by former employees.

In less than three hours, a federal jury in the United States District Court, Central District of California in downtown Los Angeles returned a unanimous defense verdict in favor of our client. The jury decided that plaintiff, the former director of information technology for our client, was properly classified as an exempt employee under California’s administrative exemption and not entitled to overtime pay.

Our client’s CFO, who attended all three days of the trial, served as a key witness in the case and contributed to the company’s defense.

Plaintiff’s case relied on a spreadsheet they created and allegedly recorded their daily hours, despite the fact that they were a salaried employee.  During several hours of questioning, the plaintiff admitted on numerous occasions that spreadsheet entries were inaccurate, including a 13.75 hour entry on their wedding day.  In addition to the suspect spreadsheets, their case was further damaged when it was revealed that this was the third legal action they had brought against a former employer for wage and hour disputes.


United States District Court, Central District of California


Todd R. Wulffson
Ashley A. Halberda

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