May 26, 2020

On May 26, 2020, the Sacramento County Health Department issued a further Order announcing that Sacramento County met the criteria for acceleration through Stage 2 of the State‚Äôs reopening plan at a faster rate than the rest of the State.  Appendix B to the Order lists the additional allowable activities in Sacramento County,  subject to sector specific guidelines, set by the State

The allowable activities include full public transportation, dine-in at restaurants, pet grooming, car washes, salons and barber shops, retail shopping, agricultural food and beverage cultivation, plumbers, electricians, gardeners and other similar professional services, offices where telework is not possible, childcare, certain religious services, outdoor museums and galleries, and political protests.  But note that under the Order, employees who can carry out their work duties from home must be directed to do so.

Businesses that are permitted to reopen under this Order must perform a detailed risk assessment and implement a site specific protection plan, using the measures listed in Appendix A of the Order.  These measures include signage at each public entrance of a facility informing employees and of the reopening policies and social distancing protocol for that facility.

In general, facial coverings are required in all settings where social distancing of six or more feet is not possible, which may affect business reopening policies and procedures.

Businesses that do not fall within the confines of Appendix B to the Order cannot yet reopen.  The Sacramento Economic Development website also provides industry-specific reopening guidelines and details.

March 19, 2020

On March 19, 2020, Sacramento County issued an order requiring all residents to stay at home except for Essential Activities, Essential Government Functions, or to operate Essential Businesses.  All non-essential businesses are ordered to close except to the extent necessary to maintain Minimum Business Operations (maintaining value of inventory, ensuring security, providing payroll and employee benefits, and similar functions).  Employees performing Minimum Business Operations and/or operating Essential Businesses should work from home to the extent practicable.  If necessary to perform work at the workplace, safe distancing should be utilized.

The order is in place until April 7, 2020.  It is available here:

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