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CDF Webinar:  Dynamex – One Year Later: A survey of post Dynamex developments and issues in the year since it was published.

The gig economy is hot.  Businesses throughout the country are evaluating whether using contractors make sense as part of their workforce.  About one year ago, the California Supreme Court’s Dynamex decision changed the game for evaluating independent contractor relationships in California.  Dynamex introduced a new, much stricter test, identifying when a California worker could be classified as an independent contractor for wage and hour purposes.  Misclassifying employees as an independent contractor opens businesses up to class action and PAGA lawsuits.  Since Dynamex, plaintiffs' attorneys in California are on the prowl.

Many questions have arisen in the last year: How have lower courts applied the new test and what new opinions have been issued?  What can employers now expect from state enforcement actions and administrative determinations related to the Dynamex decision?  Has it been extended beyond the wage and hour context?  Is it retroactive?  What legislative challenges to Dynamex are still active and are they likely to pass.  This webinar will answer those questions and provide concrete guidance on when independent contractor relationships are appropriate in California and how to manage contractor relationships under the new test.




1.0 hour of general CA MCLE credit has been approved for this presentation.


Event Details

June 20, 2019
10:00 AM PST - 11:00 AM PST
Attendance is Complimentary

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