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Kim Carter to Conduct a Lorman Education Services Webinar “California Paid Sick Leave”

Life one year after the enactment of the Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014; are you in compliance?

With the enactment of the Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014 ("Paid Sick Leave Act"), California employers have the monumental task of revising their policies, and implementing procedures to ensure that they are meeting statutory requirements. However, many employers remain unsure of whether their processes are compliant. This topic will provide participants with an overview of key components to California's mandatory Paid Sick Leave Act by identifying who is covered, employees' rights and employers' obligations under the act, and pitfalls and potential civil actions for violating the act. In addition, California's Paid Sick Leave Act will be compared to existing city ordinances in San Francisco, Oakland, Emeryville, and Santa Monica for similarities and differences in compliance, and the effect of the proposed ordinances in San Diego, Los Angeles and Long Beach will be discussed. Finally, this topic will explore questions that remain unanswered by the implementation of the act and growing trends in employment law and litigation with respect to the Paid Sick Leave Act.

Learning Objectives

- You will be able to describe methods of calculating paid sick leave.

- You will be able to recognize an employers' obligation to provide paid sick leave.

- You will be able to discuss city ordinances compared to state law.

- You will be able to review the Healthy Families Act of 2014.

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Event Details

August 23, 2016
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM PDT

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