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CDF Webinar: Local Ordinances: Understanding California’s Patchwork of Local Employment Regulations

Most employers are well-acquainted with California's complex and often employee-friendly legal landscape, but many are less familiar with the patchwork of local regulations that further govern their employment relationships.  With more and more cities passing local ordinances governing minimum wages, sick leave, and more, it's imperative that human resources professionals, business owners, and managers stay up-to-date on this growing area of law.

Regulation compliance is one of the most important, yet not always simple, ways that employers can eliminate large areas of legal exposure.  Compliance with local ordinances is no exception.  In this 30 minute webinar, San Francisco based attorney Leah Cameron will review the current state of local employment ordinances, giving employers a concise and clear framework for complying with this important area of California law.

Register today for this 30 minute update to ensure your company is in compliance.


Event Details

June 21, 2017
9:30 AM PDT - 10:00 AM PDT
Registration is Complimentary

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