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Union Organizing: What You Should and Should Not Do If You Suspect a Union is Organizing Your Employees Private Duty, Home Health, and Hospice





Mark Spring, CDF's Sacramento Office Managing Partner, will be presenting the webinar "Union Organizing: What You Should and Should Not Do If Your Suspect a Union is Organizing You Employees" to the California Association of Heath Services at Home on April 30.

Overview of presentation:

During the last decade, unions have stepped up their organizing efforts in the health care industry. Home Health Care Providers are not immune to union activity and we have seen a rise in organizing in our industry, despite the obstacles. This webinar is designed to educate our members on how union organizing works, typical strategies used by unions to organize workers in our field, the rules governing what employers can say and do in response to union organizing efforts, and offer proven strategies and tips for effectively dealing with union organizing. 

Attendees will learn:

  • Basic Knowledge of the Laws and Regulations That Govern What Can Be Done/Said In a Union Organizing Campaigns
  • Guidelines and Strategies for Becoming A Target For Union Organizing and Strategies For Reacting to Union Activity
  • Insight Into Union Organizing from the Union’s Perspective

To learn more about this presentation or to register,click HERE.


Event Details

April 30, 2019
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM PDT

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