25 Tips for California Employers Based on Recent and Proposed Changes in California Law
Oct 22, 2019

CDF is proud to celebrate its 25th anniversary. As an homage and thanks to all the employers who have trusted CDF with their legal needs, Todd R. Wulffson and Denisha P. McKenzie share 25 tips for California employers based on recent and proposed changes in California law in the attached article published in the Orange County Business Journal.

The article reviews the ABC test for independent contractors, background check disclosures, California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), American with Disabilities Act (ADA) claim for morbid obesity, English-only workplace rules, ethnic hairstyles, FEHA statute of limitations, lactation accommodations, liability of payroll services providers, Fair Labor and Standards Act (FLSA) exemption, elimination of procedural unconscionability claims against arbitration agreements, Private Attorneys' General Act (PAGA), payroll time rounding practices, sexual harassment prevention training, non-solicitation agreements, disclosure of sexual harassment, criminal background checks, employment arbitration and opt-out provisions, re-hire provisions, sexual assault victims, class action waivers, call-in pay, conducting audits of employee pay, and marijuana in the workplace.

To read the full article, click HERE.

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