Ask Help Desk: What Happens If You Refuse To Go Back To The Office?
Apr 11, 2022

CDF Partner Mark S. Spring was quoted in The Washington Post article "Ask Help Desk: What happens if you refuse to go back to the office? - Here is what power workers and employers have when it comes to policies to return to the office."


Q: What power does an employer have in enforcing its policies?

Labor laws, though they differ by state, often give employers most of the power when it comes to enforcing their own workplace policies. While it may not be in the best interest for an employer to fire the 50 percent of employees who don’t follow return-to-office protocol, legally, the company has every right to do so.

“It’s not that much different from saying, ‘You don’t have a corner office anymore,’” said Mark S. Spring, a group chair at the employment firm CDF Labor Law. “Unless you can prove [the decision] is based on race, religion or [another protected category], you have to go work elsewhere.”

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