Avoiding Expensive Legal Costs and Liability When Terminating Hotel Employees
Jan 27, 2020

CDF Partner Lindsay Ayers authored the article “Avoiding Expensive Legal Costs and Liability When Terminating Hotel Employees,” for Hotel Executive on January 26, 2020.

Excerpt:  "Last year, alone, well-known hospitality companies across the country paid multi-millions as a result of wrongful termination claims filed against them.  Whether these claims were resolved through  settlement or litigating the action through trial, the result was numerous payouts in the millions.  In order to avoid such suits, hotels and restaurants in the hospitality field must ensure they are following the most recent and ever-changing laws in this area, and educating management and subordinate employees on the hotel's policies that comply with these laws.  Below are some tips to help guide hotels in taking the proper steps before terminating an employee:

Have a Lawful Reason for Termination 

In most states, the general rule is that employment is at-will.  The at-will doctrine provides an employer the right to terminate an employee at any time, without cause, reason or advanced notice. Likewise, the employee can leave the company at any time, without reason or advanced notice."

To read the full article on Hotel Executive, click HERE.

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