CDF Attorneys Author Article for Inside Counsel on “Trends in PAGA claims and what it means for California employers”
Mar 19, 2015

CDF attorneys Tim Freudenberger, Alison Tsao, and Theresa Buckley contribute to the article "Trends in PAGA claims and what it means for California employers" for Inside Counsel's March 19, 2015 edition.  As long as the Iskanian decision remains the law in California, the prospect of unfettered PAGA claims remains a threat.  

For years, California has lagged behind other state and federal courts in enforcing mandatory arbitration agreements that included waivers of the employee's right to bring putative class actions against an employer.  Although the California Supreme Court's decision in Iskanian v. CLS Transportation finally aligned California with the rest of the country, it did so with one major exception.  

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