Karimah Lamar Authors Article “Employee Prevails: It’s Wrongful Termination, Not Job Abandonment”

Karimah Lamar, an attorney in CDF's San Diego office, recently authored the article: "Employee Prevails: It's Wrongful Termination, Not Job Abandonment" for the California Employment Law Letter.

Lamar covers key issues in this article that apply to the following scenario:

In California, at-will employment permits employers to discharge employees for no reason, an arbitrary reason, or even an irrational reason. However, even at-will employment has its limitations. You cannot terminate an employee for unlawful reasons. In one recent case, an employer claimed it fired an employee because she abandoned her job, which is a permissible discharge under employment at will. But the employee countered that she was fired because she filed a police report alleging criminal activity. So what really happened?

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