Labor of Law: Employers Expand Paid Sick Leave to Try to Retain Workers
Feb 28, 2022

Co-Chair of CDF's COVID Task Force, Dan M. Forman, was recently quoted in the "Labor of Law: Employers Expand Paid Sick Leave to Try to Retain Workers."


Dan Forman, office managing partner at CDF Labor Law, said that while he’s seen many companies beefing up their sick leave policies to attract workers, others were simultaneously “not feeling like they need to offer that type of benefit in the age of the endemic, when things are not as serious [and] people are able to recover more quickly.”

Last week, California, where Forman is based, announced its shift to an “endemic” approach to COVID-19 that would focus on prevention and reaction to outbreaks, rather than closures and mandatory masking. Days later, a state law went into effect requiring many California employers to give workers 80 hours of paid sick leave for reasons related to COVID-19; a similar law in the state had expired last September. Congress is considering options to support a similar policy nationwide.

With many California employers again on the hook for providing COVID-19 paid sick leave, there’s a possibility those with employees in other states will voluntarily give those out-of-state employees the same benefits, either to maintain their morale or to keep their policies uniform for efficiency purposes. But that isn’t a guarantee, Forman said.

“The reality is, when California requires essentially 80 hours of paid leave … it creates a significant expense … if they were to implement that across the board,” the attorney said. Employers “really have to evaluate any efficiencies gained, any sort of morale issues and boosters and compare that to the actual costs, which can be significant.”

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