Navigating Remote Work Challenges: Top Five Issues for California Employers
Oct 9, 2023

CDF Partners Todd Wulffson and Alessandra Whipple authored the article "Navigating Remote Work Challenges: Top Five Issues for California Employers" for the Orange County Business Journal.


"During and since the pandemic, the traditional office commute rapidly evolved from the familiar dystopia of So. California freeways, to the more comfortable morning sweatpants shuffle down the hall to a desk or couch.  As remote work appears to be lingering, and for some, may be here to stay, employers – especially in California (infamous for its complex and ever-changing labor and employment laws), face unique challenges and concerns.  In this article, we will explore the top five issues facing California employers regarding remote work and offer strategies for compliance. 

1.  Wage and Hour Compliance

One of the foremost concerns for California employers with all employees, but especially with remote workers, is ensuring compliance with wage and hour laws. California has a complex web of regulations governing overtime, meal and rest breaks, and record-keeping. If an employee performs services in California (remote workers in other states cannot take advantage of California law), employers must track the hours worked by remote employees accurately, regardless of their location, and pay them in accordance with California’s labor laws."

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