Scary Things Your Employees Are Doing in the Dark

Todd Wulffson shares the "Scary Things Your Employees Are Doing In The Dark," in the linked article that was published by TLNT - Talent Management & HR

Excerpt:  "As we celebrate Halloween today, it’s good to remember that the tradition we enjoy today started over a thousand years ago, with the Celtic festival of Samhain. People believed that on October 31st that spirits roamed the earth, causing people to wear masks either to scare them away, or at least, to conceal their identity from the possibly vengeful ghosts. Granted, folks were a little misguided, but they meant well; and the concept of hiding one’s identity to avoid getting in trouble certainly has enjoyed a constant following over the centuries, all the way to our current internet age. If you have a business, you are certainly aware of evil spirits, in the form of employment lawsuits, many of which arise because of things your employees are doing while hiding their identity or otherwise without your knowledge."

Click HERE to read about the scary topics outline below in Todd's article:

  • Social media activity done in the dark
  • Things done in the moonlight
  • The ghost in the machine will get you

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