Thermal Cameras to Fight Coronavirus in the Workplace?
Aug 12, 2020

Ashley Lopeztello and Todd Wulffson co-authored the article “Thermal Cameras to Fight Coronavirus in the Workplace?” for Security Magazine on August 12, 2020.


What are some practical tips for using thermal cameras to detect COVID-19?

"As the nation reopens, businesses have a host of logistical and legal issues to resolve in order to bring their employees back safely in the age of COVID-19. Many are turning to technological solutions, ranging from standard forehead thermometer guns, to more sophisticated, social-distancing and heat-detection cameras, some of which are even paired with facial recognition software that can track and identify individuals who have a fever or who flout the distancing rules. Before implementing such technology in the workplace, however, enterprises must consider the potential legal implications associated with their use."

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