Understanding Employment Law Trends to Keep Pace with the Evolving California Workplace
Nov 20, 2020

Ashley Halberda and Denisha McKenzie recently co-authored the article "Understanding Employment Law Trends to Keep Pace with the Evolving California Workplace" for the Orange County Business Journal's Law Specialties supplement in November of 2020.  In this article, the authors review time-off requests and pay equity reporting.


"In our socially, legally and politically evolving landscape, staying ahead of employment law trends cultivates a collegial work environment (both remote and in-person) that will improve employee retention and foster the growth of the enterprise.  Companies should understand not just the substance of new employment laws but also, the spirit behind these laws.

The coronavirus pandemic has altered the lives of people and industries on a global basis.  Companies were forced to shut down completely or to push forward in the face of diminished profits and serious potential health and safety risks.  Employees continue to need work flexibility to deal with illnesses, school closures, as well as economic and food insecurity. Businesses continue to be significantly burdened in providing this flexibility.  Now, more than ever, employers need a legal partner to assist with navigating changing regulations, supporting their employees, and ensuring their businesses are profitable and survive this storm."

Understanding Employment Law Trends

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