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CDF Webinar Series:  Healthcare Education Week

Join CDF Labor Law LLP's attorneys and industry experts for a week-long complimentary virtual webinar series addressing the most compelling topics facing the healthcare industry today.

Speakers will discuss a series of thought-provoking sessions, spread over 5 days during the week of October 4-8, 2021 from 10-11 am (Pacific)*, delivered right to your desk virtually, and for free.  Our speakers will provide up-to-the-minute legal, regulatory, and policy developments for healthcare-related businesses with California-based workforces. 

Registrants can choose to attend all or as many presentations as they would like to during the registration process.  IMPORTANT: In order to receive a link to any recorded version of the webinars, attendees must have registered for all five presentations.

To download a PDF of the Virtual Conference Brochure, click here.

Certificates for attendance will be available for CA MCLE, SHRM & HRCI.
*Some session lengths may be extended over the hour timeframe due to content.

Monday, October 4: Internal Investigations & The Power Dynamics in the Healthcare Setting
-Daphne Bishop, Esq., Partner & Chair of CDF's Internal Investigations Practice Group

Employment relationships in the healthcare industry are notoriously complex.  Due to the intense work environment, heightened stressors due to the COVID pandemic, and the racial injustice movement, employers in the healthcare industry have seen an increasing number of claims of discrimination, harassment, microaggression and bullying.  During this session, Partner & Chair of CDF’s Internal Investigations Practice, Daphne Bishop will cover investigating the multitude of such allegations that are taking place in today’s healthcare setting.  Daphne will take an in-depth dive into the best practices when conducting investigations, including the challenges and solutions relating to remote investigations, the procedural issues that arise in healthcare organizations that must be followed, and much more. 

Tuesday, October 5: Retaining & Protecting Healthcare Personnel in Today's Challenging Environment
-Hannah K. Kiernan, JD, ACC, Principal at Kiernan Consulting Group LLC
-Mark Reed, CHPA, Director of Support Services at Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital 

Retaining and keeping healthcare personnel safe in today’s stressful and volatile workplace is challenging, at best.  CDF has brought together two experts to address the top concerns in these areas and to provide practical advice and guidance for those in charge of managing a workforce in the healthcare setting.  This panel will identify innovative strategies for hospitals and other healthcare organizations to assist employees as they navigate the daily pressures associated with working in an intense environment during a global pandemic.  Attendees will learn best practices for maintaining a safe working environment, improving retention, reducing stressors, and how COVID-19 and social justice issues have impacted diversity in the workforce and more.  Join us to learn how you can help your employees remain productive, safe and engaged given the broad range of issues the healthcare industry is currently facing.

Wednesday, October 6: What Healthcare Employers Can Expect from the NLRB Under the Biden Administration
-Mark Spring, Esq., Partner & Chair of CDF's Traditional Labor Practice Group
-John Giovannone, Esq., Partner, CDF Labor Law LLP
-David Fortney, Esq., Co-Founder, Fortney & Scott, LLC 

During this session, Partner and Chair of CDF’s Traditional Labor Practice, Mark Spring, Partner John Giovannone, and David Fortney, Shareholder with Fortney Scott in Washington DC, will review a variety of issues related to union activity in the healthcare industry.  These experienced practitioners will discuss bargaining activity due to COVID-19, the PRO Act of 2021 and its potential effect on the healthcare industry, and how the changes in the make-up of the NLRB are likely to influence labor activity in the industry.

Thursday, October 7: Combatting the Rise in Wage & Hour and PAGA Litigation in the Healthcare Industry
-Tim Freudenberger, Esq., Founding Partner & Chair of CDF's Class Action Defense Litigation Practice Group
-Amy Williams, Esq., Partner, CDF Labor Law LLP
-Corey Cabral, Esq., Partner & Chair of CDF's PAGA Litigation Practice Group

Healthcare employers are not immune to the outbreak of wage and hour and PAGA claims that are plaguing California businesses.  As healthcare is one of the largest and fastest-growing industries in the country, it places a bullseye directly on employers in this sector for these types of costly litigation claims.  During this session, CDF Partners Tim Freudenberger (Founding Partner & Chair of CDF’s Class Action Defense Litigation Group), Amy Williams, and Corey Cabral (Chair of CDF’s PAGA Litigation Practice Group), will examine the following and offer practical solutions to defend against and the best practices to avoid these types of claims: rounding practices, issues stemming from payment of shift differentials, misclassification issues resulting in claims for overtime, off-the-clock work, training time pay, the Ferra decision, mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policies, along with meal period and rest break claims.

Friday, October 8: COVID-19 Related Employment Issues Impacting the Healthcare Industry
-Dawn Irizarry, Esq., Partner & Chair of CDF's Healthcare Practice Group
-Dan Forman, Esq., CDF's Los Angeles Office Managing Partner, CDF Labor Law LLP
-Carolina Schwalbach, Esq., Partner, CDF Labor Law LLP
-Gregory Goetz, EPIC Insurance
-Jennifer Lemack, Associate General Counsel, Labor & Employment, Optum

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the healthcare industry and presented a host of legal and practical obstacles to the ability to deliver patient care.  During this panel discussion, CDF attorneys, in-house counsel and insurance experts will discuss a variety of topics, including mandatory vaccination policies, protected leaves, the increased number of employees requesting work from home arrangements (and related issues and concerns specific to healthcare employers), Cal-OSHA compliance, along with practical compliance and insurance guidance. 


Event Details

October 4 - 8, 2021
10:00 AM Pacific - 11:00 AM Pacific
Attendance is Complimentary

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