For Legal Departments, Shifting Vaccine Policies in 2021 Were a ‘Huge Roller Coaster’
Dec 28, 2021

CDF Partner Dan M. Forman quoted in the recent Corporate Counsel article on "For Legal Departments, Shifting Vaccine Policies in 2021 Were a 'Huge Roller Coaster."

Excerpt:  "When the vaccines first came, there was a lot of excitement,” recalled Dan Forman, office managing partner at the Los Angeles office of CDF Labor Law LLP. Many of the legal departments he consulted believed when employees finally got vaccinated, “they’re not going to get sick. They’ll be able to work,” Forman said.

“It was a huge relief from a health standpoint.” But, Forman added, “It did create side issues, as well.” In some jurisdictions like California, where Forman’s clients operate, local governments responded to mass vaccinations with new—and often vigorously debated—policies for worker and consumer safety. Some rules, such as those requiring employers and business owners to verify the vaccination status of workers and customers, could be complex to put into practice from both a legal and practical standpoint, since they had to be implemented with respect to privacy regulations, and there was risk of pushback.

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