Workplace Violence Training: Why Your Organization Needs to Do It - by Todd Wulffson

Todd Wulffson, CDF's OC Office Managing Partner, shares his legal advice in the HR Bartender Article "Workplace Violence Training: Why Your Organization Needs to Do It." 

"Unfortunately, all we have to do to understand the prevalence of workplace violence in the U.S. is watch the evening news. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), over two million workers become workplace violence victims each year – ranging from verbal bullying to homicide – with the vast majority of incidents being unreported either out of embarrassment, fear of retaliation, or simply because the employees do not know they should report an incident. 

Organizations need to consider addressing this issue through training. I had the opportunity to chat with Todd Wulffson, managing partner at Carothers DiSante & Freudenberger LLP, based in California. Wulffson has been focused on counseling and defending businesses in labor and employment matters for over 25 years. Prior to joining CDF, Wulffson served as general counsel and SVP of HR at Palace Entertainment, overseeing the SEC filings, legal and human resources issues for a company with over 12,000 employees at 40 locations in 11 states.

Please remember that Todd’s comments should not be construed as legal advice or pertaining to any specific factual situations. If you have specific detailed questions, they should be addressed directly with your friendly neighborhood labor attorney."

Click HERE to read the full article where Todd describes “workplace violence” and how pervasive is it in business today.

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