Workplace Health and Safety

Keeping Workplaces Safe and CA Employers in Compliance

California employers are responsible for making sure their employees are safe and that their jobs do not improperly put their health at risk.  This is no easy task. 

The regulations and statutes in our state require employers to follow unique and special steps to ensure compliance:

  • Employers must have a proper Injury and Illness Prevention Program in place
  • Many California employers are required to ensure compliance with California’s Heat Illness Prevention regulations
  • Incidents involving workplace violence have  increasingly become a major issue in the state, and employers should be familiar with the Cal-OSHA Guidelines for Workplace Safety

CDF’s Workplace Safety and Health attorneys know these laws and regulations.  We provide advice to employers to make sure that the proper policies and practices are in place. 

CDF Counsel for Investigations and Litigation

When investigations are initiated or litigation is filed, our attorneys respond strategically, efficiently and effectively.  The goal is to position clients ahead of the claim, either by pursuing an ardent defense, or a swift resolution with minimal liability and exposure.

Our litigators handle many different types of matters related to workplace safety and health.  We have battled the California Division of Occupational Safety before the Cal-OSHA Appeals Board and we regularly represent clients before the California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board when claims are brought for Serious and Willful Injury or Workers’ Compensation Discrimination under Section 132a of the California Labor Code.

Our most important goal is to help clients avoid unnecessary risks to employee safety and health.  Of equal importance is creating for clients a sense of security and peace of mind, the assurance that results from having the full protection of the law should their safety and health practices be challenged by government regulators or an injured employee.

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