Traditional Labor Law - Unions and the NLRB

A Collective Effort: Strategic Counsel on Unions and Organizing Threats

While union membership in the private sector has gradually declined, employers have scant cause for complacency.

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) under President Biden is moving aggressively to alter the playing field and give unions increased rights.  Changes include more easily organized workforces for new employers, as well as allowing established unions to continue and expand their influence over employers.

The NLRB has been attempting to change the rules governing union elections and limiting employers in communicating an anti-union position.  It is also taking actions to prohibit employers from moving their plants to right-to-work states, as well as the NLRB becoming engaged in the world of social media.  It is attempting to protect employees who post negative comments about their employers from discipline, calling it protected “concerted activity.”

How CDF Can Help Protect Your Company

Against this shifting backdrop of NLRB changes, the value of experienced labor attorneys who are familiar with California’s current union landscape will prove pivotal to employers. CDF attorneys understand the power of prompt, decisive action.  We have helped non-union employers successfully prevail in union organizing campaigns and have represented employers in all areas of union-management relations including:

  • Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) Negotiations
  • Grievance and Other Labor Arbitrations
  • Picket Line Misconduct and Strike-Related Litigation
  • Sale and Acquisition of Unionized Business Entities
  • Strikes
  • Union Avoidance and Union Organizing

CDF attorneys have advised clients during CBA negotiations and guided clients in achieving needed operational flexibility as well as wage and compensation provisions that have allowed our clients to prosper during these difficult economic times.  We regularly handle union grievances and arbitrations and are familiar with many of the experienced arbitrators in Northern and Southern California. 

Employers facing unfair labor practice charges rely upon us to guide them through the process, from the investigation straight through to the hearing.  Our attorneys have also represented employers in some of the largest and most notable strikes in California in the last several decades and stand ready to act during labor strife.

Where to go from here?

Call CDF today to learn how we can help protect your company with preventative measures to avoid litigation or how we can protect your company in a threatened or active litigation matter.

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